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If you are looking for redwood burl handmade furniture that will get noticed and admired by your friends and family, our two tier tables made from the majestic redwood trees will do just that. Maybe one of our redwood burl wood tables could be just what you are looking for in redwood furniture. Due to the large size of redwood trees we can find some very large redwood burl slabs for the tops of our two tier redwood furniture. This makes it possible for our two tier redwood burl furniture to range in size from small exotic end tables to large two tier coffee tables. We would also be happy to help you create custom redwood furniture to fit your individual needs. (please see our custom order page for more details) To protect the natural beauty of the redwood all of our redwood furniture is given a clear coat finish. This clear coat is applied in many layers and then buffed to a high gloss shine until leaving a wet looking finish. The finish on our redwood burl furniture is as durable as it is beautiful. So like the mighty redwood trees this two tier redwood furniture will stand the test of time.

Redwood Burl Two Tier-on Redwood Base

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Table 5

exotic custom redwood furniture

Redwood Two-Tier End Table on a  Redwood Base

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Table 6

Two tier redwood furniture

Very Large Redwood burl Two Tier Table on a  Redwood Base

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Table 7

Handmade redwood burl tables

Black Redwood Two Tier-(Curly Tiger Striped)

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Table 8


If you have any questions about pricing, pieces all ready made or a custom piece contact us at rescuedwood@yahoo.com