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Redwood clocks will make a beautiful addition to any room in your home. If you like redwood burl furniture you will love the way some of these redwood clocks may go with the other redwood furniture you may already have in your collection. We have a nice large selection of redwood clocks available from large wall hanging type to small desk clocks. Or we would be happy to create a custom redwood clock to fit your personal needs. (Please see our custom order page for more information) The styles we have shown here are all done with the inserts; however we are currently making other styles of redwood clocks for you. A barometer and thermometer are placed in some of our wall hanging redwood clocks but can be installed in almost any of our redwood clocks. The redwood burl clocks we have shown here are all one of a kind pieces of redwood furniture with there own unique grain and color patterns. Our redwood clocks are finished with the same gym floor tuff clear coat that we use on all of the redwood furniture we make. We buff this clear coat to a deep wet looking shine that will last you for years.


Handmade Redwood Clocks Redwood Burl Furniture

H - 37 X  W - 30

H-28  X  W- 32"
SOLD $175


Exotic Redwood Clocks

H-15 X  W - 19
SOLD $45


If you have any questions about pricing, pieces all ready made or a custom piece contact us at  rescuedwood@yahoo.com