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Currently coffee tables are the center piece of most living rooms. If you would like a center piece that your friends and family will all notice and admire then you should consider redwood furniture. Our redwood burl coffee tables will do just that, get noticed by everyone. Both drift wood and burl wood from redwood trees are wood that is like no other. Redwood trees provide some very large slabs of burl wood which allow for some large one tier coffee tables. Some of our all redwood coffee tables are made from driftwood slabs and bases. We use some smaller pieces of driftwood to make really nice redwood bases for our burl wood coffee tables. Our coffee tables are available in a wide range of colors and sizes or we can custom shape our coffee tables to fit anyone’s individual needs or desires. As with any redwood furniture you see, each one of them is one of a kind. So if you have a redwood coffee table you can be sure it is the only one exactly like it that there is. We protect the coffee tables with a finish that will stand up to usage so you can actually use your redwood furniture.


Custom Redwood Burl Coffee Table

W- 83" X D-33" X H-16"


Most of our tables that you will see on this web site are all redwood from the forest of northern California. We use both new growth and old growth wood. Due to the fact that there are strict limitations on harvesting these trees the wood is becoming harder to find. This along with our extra thick and durable hand finished clear coat (which takes several weeks to apply), has our prices are slightly higher than some of the other tables you may see on the web. If you would like to try and keep the cost down this could be done in several ways. We could do this by using a polyurethane finish which will still have a very nice look to it but will not be as durable as the hand finished clear coat. There is also a significant difference in the price between new growth redwood (lower price) and old growth redwood (higher price). The base of the table can also affect the over all price. Bases vary from a painted drift wood base (like the above coffee table) to a very heavy, exotic old growth redwood burl, which could be used with a glass top or slab. We are also currently preparing to offer other types of wood which are as beautiful but not quite as rare. If you would have a personal preference or favorite wood you would like to have a table made from I am sure we could help.  


                                                     Maple coffee table with driftwood base
                                                                  L- 42"xW- 40"xH- 16"

                          We are currently working on  '4 - '6 coffee tables made from a 100 year old cottonwood tree.
                                            Contact us if your interested or if you would like anything larger.

This table is 65" long, 24"-28" wide,16"tall   $525.00
email us for more pictures

                                  We are starting to get in a large selection of  old growth oak  barn wood.
                       The barn had stood for over 100 years. All the wood is between 100 - 200 years old.
        We have many shapes and sizes. We will be making furniture out of some and selling some whole beams.
                                            Let us know if we can put together a custom order for you.


If you have any questions about pricing, pieces all ready made or a custom piece contact us at rescuedwood@yahoo.com