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 End tables made from redwood trees make some of the most beautiful handmade furniture available. Redwood end tables made of burl wood make a piece of furniture that will get noticed by all of your friends and family. After you have looked at the examples we have provided for you to view, we hope you will agree that some of the best end tables available are made from redwood trees. Redwood trees produce a burl wood that comes in a wide range of colors and grain patterns that are unique to each piece of wood. Some of these end tables are made from driftwood which ages the redwood differently, affecting the colors and shape of the redwood furniture. So if you have redwood end tables you can be sure that it is the only one exactly like it there is. Some people prefer the exotic shapes that driftwood some times provides. Whether you prefer redwood driftwood, or redwood burl we hope you like our handmade furniture from redwood trees as much as we do. As with all of our products we shape the redwood to show the naturally exotic grains and color that make each of our end tables truly a one of a kind piece of redwood furniture.

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Table 1

Handmade two tier redwood end tables

Table 2

  Burl end tables made from redwood trees


Table 3

handmade redwood burl end tables

Table 4

All redwood handmade furniture


If you have any questions about pricing, pieces all ready made or a custom piece contact us at rescuedwood@yahoo.com